MARDi - Medical Aid for Refugees and Displaced People


MARDi is an international network of healthcare professionals providing voluntary medical aid to refugees and displaced people living in refugee camps in Paris, France. We provide first aid, basic medical care and triage in the camps and work with many other services to deliver all-round care.


Since 2015, the number of refugees living in unofficial camps in Paris has fluctuated between 1,000 and 4,000, surviving in broken tents on food from volunteer groups with very little access to healthcare.


COVID-19 update (June 2020)

Now that travel restrictions in France are starting to ease, medics are able to travel freely again. MARDi is still providing medical care to those displaced people who are living on the streets of Paris and we need volunteers to join our teams.


MARDi's aims 

  • To provide refugees with access to the fundamental human right of healthcare
  • To work with other grassroots organisations and state-run services to provide refugees with all-encompassing care aiming for dignity, independence, safety and freedom
  • To actively advocate for refugees and challenge their maltreatment by the French and other European Governments

Can I volunteer?

MARDi needs:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Clinic coordinators
  • Translators

If you would like to get involved please read our FAQ. If you think volunteering is for you then get in touch with our team at


How can I donate?

We are a grassroots organisation run entirely by volunteers. All donations will be used directly for aid to refugees on the ground in Paris. You can donate here:



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